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- Professional for leather bags, leather care, luxury care, small knowledge
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- LV bag purchase list of the most worthwhile and least worth buying
- Chanel rises in price, these bags rise year after year or by crazy rob?
- Chanel sale! What are those empty hot style bags?

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 How to care for luxury bags Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The problem of cleaning and maintenance of bags is a problem that everyone who loves bags will encounter more or less. For those who have leather bags, even those who have Replica Louis Vuitton Bags,Replica Cheap Chanel Handbags,Replica Discount Hermes Handbags,Designer Fake Gucci Bags. In terms of care and maintenance, it is very important. How do you care for it? Summarized some methods of bag maintenance on luxury counters

The daily maintenance of the bag is particularly important. If a bag is treated very carefully, it will not be a problem in years or even decades. It still looks quite texture. However, if there is serious damage, even if it is sent to a professional nursing shop, the original appearance may not be restored afterwards.

The basic daily maintenance begins with the dust Replica Handbags. When the bag is not in use, use a wet towel to remove the dust on the surface. After the bag is naturally air-dried, fill with paper or foam to prevent the bag from deforming. Remember: It must be dust bag, put in a dry and ventilated, there is no room to squeeze the cabinet, otherwise it is particularly easy to gather dust.

How should a luxury bag be wetted with water?

Bags should always be kept clean and dry. If the bags are accidentally rained on rainy days, do not expose them to sunlight or bake them with fire. Otherwise, it is prone to cortical embrittlement or melting of oil. This kind of damage can be It is difficult to repair, can only be sent to a specialized nursing shop repair. Bags generally meet water, as long as the light pressure with a soft cloth, the water vapor removed, placed in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

How should luxury bags be stained?

Summer girls are always the most colorful bags, especially various light-colored bags, light-colored bags although it is suitable for summer back, but there is an unavoidable problem is: particularly easy to dye. Especially when paired with jeans, it is a combination of disasters. Is there any way to solve it?

Of course there are ways to solve it. Gently wipe the surface of the bag with a cotton pad or a special sponge for rubbing with white vinegar, cream, nail polish, or professional care products to remove the dirt or stain on the surface of the bag. But remember to prescribe the right medicine, different material care methods are not the same, we use the best before the bag is not obvious where the first try.

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 How to tell the true and false of Dior handbags Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Taking the Dior bag has become one of the representative features of the fashion industry. Today's Dior company's handbags are different in style and elegant, so it has become the primary imitation of all illegal pirates. How to distinguish genuine Dior handbags has become a science.

Zipper: The genuine Dior metal zipper component is heavier, while the Fake Dior Handbags one is lighter. The place where the real Dior closes is usually separated by sheepskin, and the double-threaded seam is used.

Leather: The new authentic must have a special leather taste, the taste can not be imitated, if not new, to touch the leather, the leather will be very soft.

Maintenance service: Dior defines the authenticity and imitation goods very strictly. All non-specialized store sales are regarded as "Replica Cheap Handbags" and cannot be repaired.

The metal zipper of the genuine Dior is heavier. It is recommended to go to the store before purchasing.

Of course,Knockoff Luxury Handbags are cheaper, there will be some High Quality Fake Handbags, the appearance, materials and authenticity are consistent, if you want to get them, you can visit this website:http://www.aaabagstrade.ru/

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 How about the quality of luxury bags overseas purchasing? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In fact, luxury Top Quality Fake Handbags are also a way of life. The true attitude towards luxury goods should be to buy for the like, not to let others buy it at a glance, it is just a logo, just a brand, not a noun for symbolic image and identity!
What do you understand is a luxury imitation package?
1. In the traditional concept, the package is a tool for the possession. What is a luxury? The so-called luxury goods refer to the unique and rare items, but they are very valuable enough to make the social groups pay attention to the consumer goods.
2. Knockoff Luxury Handbags, according to the original shape, material and function of the imitation object, have the actual decoration and use, and the price is cheap. For example, bags, but now people have broken through this concept, more of the effect is as a kind of decoration, people's selection criteria is the matching of clothing, fashion bags and ordinary bags are also different, there are When the fashion bag is not very functional, it can not be loaded with many things such as the evening bag. Its function is only to match the clothing, so that the overall effect is more beautiful. This is a ritual of Replica Fashion Bags.
When you understand this, you will also spend a lot of money to buy luxury goods? In fact, a bag, high imitation bags can make people more practical use.
Like most women who love beauty, I still like all kinds of bags, but I don't do stupid things. I don't want to buy a bag. I won't. (The current economic ability does not need to save money to buy a package) because I know, can not bring me anything.
Now my own business, it is still quite smooth. When the market is good, the annual income can reach the number of digits. Among the self-employed, it is considered to be good.
For high imitation, it is not exclusive. My mentality is that when I buy the economic strength, I can afford the authenticity of Chanel. I have the same high imitation as the original. Why should I refuse?

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 How to distinguish genuine Chanel bags Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

One of the most important concerns when buying a new Replica Fashion Chanel Bag is authenticity. The original Chanel logo is the symbol of CC intertwined with classic gold or silver hardware that is not easy to peel off. So if at any point in time you find the logo design is wrong and you feel that the polish is dull or has problems, you should know that it is not the original package. Because there are many fraudulent dealers around, it is difficult to determine which one is reliable, which one actually has Chanel bags, authentic and genuine. However, if you are smart and want value for money, then you can identify the original package in some way. Some of the tips and tricks can also be found on the Chanel website.

One of the most basic signs of whether a bag is a copy is to check whether the Chanel logo is CC or GG. The original Chanel logo is the symbol of CC intertwined with classic gold or silver hardware that is not easy to peel off. So if at any point in time you find the logo design is wrong and you feel that the polish is dull or has problems, you should know that it is not the original package.

Second, there is a significant difference in the quality of the leather used. The original Chanel logo is the symbol of CC intertwined with classic gold or silver hardware that is not easy to peel off. So if at any point in time you find the logo design is wrong and you feel that the polish is dull or has problems, you should know that it is not the original package. While Chanel uses expensive leather mist to ensure that the bag feels soft and smooth, local replica bag manufacturers use high quality and affordable leather. Remember, Chanel leather will never fall off and never shed tears. It is durable and very hard, but it has a very soft and smooth cost. You won't find Replica Luxury Handbags of this quality.

In addition, the stitching of all original Chanel bags is very complicated. It is too small to be seen. In addition, the thread used for stitching is exactly the same color as the leather. If it is a bag with multi-color leather, you will notice that the thread color in the bag changes with each stitched piece. bag. However, in the fake package, not only the stitches are large but also completely irregular and visible, but the hue of the lines does not match the hue of the leather.

Perhaps the best way to find out if the bag is really original is to look for a unique manufacturing code that exists in all Fake Designer Chanel Bags. You can call the Chanel office and verify the code. If it doesn't match, you will know that the package is not original.

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 What are the Hermes bag classics? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1 Hermes Classic Kelly Lakis Bag

This time, Hermes zips the front side of the classic female Replica Handbag Kelly Bag, which makes the package practical and ornamental. This is another embodiment of Hermes' perfect combination of art and craftsmanship!

2 Hermes Classic Kelly Bag

The original concept of Kelly's design is a saddle bag used by hunters. The time can be traced back to the stage of Hermes's history. In the 1930s, the Hermes chiefs had a whimsy and modified the design based on the shape of the saddle bag. Becoming a special high-end hand bag for ladies: a slightly trapezoidal line, double buckle design, short semi-circular handle, and a variety of high-grade leather, such as crocodile skin, ostrich skin, pig skin or calfskin. With a wide range of sizes from large to small, it is suitable for ladies to use in all kinds of occasions. It was not until 1956 that the Moroccan Princess, the famous Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, took the Kelly bag and became the object of the media interview, and at the same time created the long-standing fashion status of Kelly.

3 Hermes Classic Shoulder Birkin Bag

Fake Hermes Shoulder Birkin Bags is the new leather bag designed by Replica Hermes Designer Bags Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermes 2005 spring and summer. The stylish shape is based on the Hermes classic Birkin Bag. It is the new favorite of young women, thanks to the original elegance and the appearance of the decoration.

4 Hermes Classic Kelly Clutch

This bag is made in Spain. The elegance of Hermes will be evident in this bag. The Kelly mini-pouch is based on the classic Kelly Bag. The smaller mini bag keeps the daily use. The function of the handbag can also be used as a night bag. The same bag has different colors and different skins

5 Hermes Bolide classic orange Togo leather dual-use tote bag

This bag is made in France and is made of four leather. It is 31cm wide, 25cm high, 12cm thick, 40cm shoulder strap and 11cm handle. Orange leather material, silver hardware, two pickpockets, side lockable, pocket zip closure, and a detachable shoulder strap

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